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Pulse Personal Training is THE best facility in and around Lenexa, KS to help you reach your fitness goals! We offer private training in a clean, modern studio environment. Our staff is focused on providing the exact results the client wants, in the most efficient and effective manner possible! No time wasted, no questions about safety or setups, no confusion over what exercises to choose! Your Personal Trainer will be there by your side every step of the journey to help you transform your body, and your life!

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  • Weight Loss Programs
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  • Bodybuilding Training
  • Movement Screenings
  • Injury Prevention Programs
  • Corporate Wellness Programs
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We offer a complete Personal Training experience from the moment you walk in the door! Grab a cold bottle of water from the fridge and pickup a fresh clean hand towel and get ready to get to work! When the work is done, we will prepare a protein shake for you and let you out to enjoy the feeling of having taken a step towards reaching your goals!

One on One Private Training
There is no better way to reach your goals than individualized personal training. Just you and your coach in your own private room with all the equipnment you need for fast results!
Couples Training
Our most popular offer, and one that has the benefit of having a partner to help keep you accountable through your fitness experience! Bring a friend!
Corporate Wellness
Does your insurance provid rewards for your healthy behaviors? We work with may providers to sign off for cash rewards and other benefits for attendance! We can work with your HR department to coordinate group fitness classes!
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Our staff of Personal Trainers follow our philosophy of safe and effective fitness by using cutting edge techniques combined with an eye for correct form to ensure you are always safe while working out with us. We will push when appropriate and we know what it takes to accommodate your individual needs and concerns. We have experience with older adult populations, return from injury, sport specific training such as golf and tennis, as well as general fitness and fat loss. For more details, check out or bio pages below!

Shane Cook
Owner / Head Instructor

Shane has been a Personal Trainer for over 10 years. After a high school experience focused on academics, Shane found himself overweight and out of shape at an early age. After researching what would be required to turn things around, the journey to become a Personal Trainer also began. Back to college for a different degree, and a couple of certifications, and it was off to the races. After training for a year at a studio in Springfield, Missouri, Shane moved to Lenexa. Years of experience in big box gyms and boutique studios allowed for many clients to reach their goals with Shane’s help. Eventually, Shane was able to start a business of his own with Pulse Personal Training. All those years lead to the creation of a facility that is focused solely on great customer service and stellar results.

Shane is an award winning compettitive bodybuilder and continues to train for future contests, with the aim of earning his professional status in the International Federation of Bodybuilding. He has worked with other successful competitors to help them prepare for similar events as well.

What Our Customers
Fernanda Boyer

It has been a little over a year since I started working out at Pulse Personal Training. If you want to work with a personal trainer who listens to you and takes your fitness goals seriously, this is the right place for you! Shane Cook truly cares about the people he’s training – I’m a big fan!!


Shelby L.

“Pulse is hands-down the best personal training I have experienced! Chase does my training twice a week, and I already feel so much stronger in only three short months. He keeps an upbeat and positive attitude and is super friendly. Couldn’t say enough nice things about Chase, Shane, and Pulse!”

Dan Mayer

Shane Cook from Pulse Personal Training is the guy to go to!

In first 10 weeks of Shane’s program:
-Lost 21lbs of body weight
-Lost 5 inches on my stomach
-Gained 1/2 inch on my quads/hamstrings
-All while keeping my strength and muscle mass
All by taking Shane’s advice and working hard each and every day!

You can see these results too! Stop by Pulse ASAP!

Willy Price

Shane is a great guy will tell you what you need to hear not what you want very knowledgeable great experience working with Shane


Leslie L.

Chase and Shane are fabulous to work with! My daughter and I have been doing personal training with Chase for three months now, and I have never been in better shape. I had bilateral knee replacement five years ago and haven’t been able to play tennis pain-free since and gave it up. I just started playing again and realized in the last couple weeks I’ve been playing and there’s been NO pain! He has really personalized our workouts to fit our needs. I’ve lost 15 lbs. and developed muscle! I really like the private studio setting. I highly recommend Pulse for personal fitness training!

Ann J.

Shane brings knowledge to and enthusiasm to his coaching. I’m so glad that he understands Renaissance Periodization and can help me with my eating and training goals. His knowledge of proper form and breathing cues is really helping me with my other workouts as well. I’m so glad I found him!

Rick E.

Shane does an excellent job of evaluating each clients needs and adapting the workouts appropriately. Highly recommend Pulse Personal Training to anyone serious about making a positive change in their life!

Karen G.

A place where this middle aged overweight woman is taking her life back. Some days it hurts, some days I want to cry, some days I feel like I can conquer the world. Thank you!!! Your encouragement and wisdom have given me a new life!

Dennis Bakota
Shane is absolutely incredible; especially in terms of knowledge and applying your training to what fits your needs. Shane has always been incredibly motivating to me, and even though I no longer live in Ks, he still keeps in contact about training and life. In a fitness world full of shams, fake products, and generic plans/routines, its nice to see someone so authentic and passionate about what they do.
Kurtis Gibson
Been going here for 10 months now and the changes have been incredible. I’ve lost 30 pounds and increased my strength, flexibility, and agility. If your looking for change, this is the place.
I love working out with Shane and my co-workers over our lunch hour. It’s amazing how much work we put in in a short 30 minute session! I go back to work feeling refreshed and ready for the rest of the day. I definitely recommend checking out Pulse Personal Training. I have been so much more motivated to lead a healthy and active lifestyle since starting workouts with Shane.
Verona Chaffin, DVM
I have been training with Shane for years, and will tell his studio is where you want to go so that you stay active and feeling great. 59.5 years old and I ride horses both foxhunting and competitive trail. Ride 35-40 miles many weekends, could not do it with out training.
Dr. Amy Bates
I love this place! Training with Shane is changing my life! Come to him with your goals and he will help you make them happen! I love the strength and confidence I have gained. The weight-loss is really a minor detail when I look at all the other benefits working out with him has afforded me! You will not regret your decision to train here and make fitness a part of your life!
Rich Pennick

I’ve been training with Shane for over 5
years. In my 10 years of personal training – no one I’ve worked with has the knowledge and dedication to their clients like Shane does.


Our clients come to us because we deliver REAL results! We have clients who have lost up to 9 inches off their waistlines in just a month of training! We have clients who have lost over 20lbs with just one of our training packages. What could you accomplish with a highly qualified Personal Trainer working by your side? The answer could shock you!

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