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This video shows you why a 20% label discrepancy could derail your efforts!

👨‍🏫 Manufacturers have a tolerance of up to 20% for accuracy of information contained on some portions of a nutrition label! This variance is due to the small changes from individual item to item in a production line. It gives a legal buffer to manufacturers to have a consistent product that isn’t too cost-prohibitive to create. They don’t want to verify every item down the the gram. Could you imagine using a file to shave down each cookie going into each package? Yikes!

👩‍🏫 That 20% variation is enough to make a diet plan unsuccessful. The obvious immediate remedy is to weigh every item you consume on a food scale (yes I know how tedious that is but if you want results, you’ll do it). It’s helpful to buy items that are not prepackaged or prepared in a restaurant. The more you cook for yourself, the more you know the math is correct. Even things like protein scoops can be somewhat inaccurate, and combine that with the label being +/- 20% and now what’s going on?

🏆 This should help clear up why portion control through food scale usage can be so beneficial for weight management. Who knew the labels could be inaccurate? If you train hard, you need to take advantage of everything that could improve your performance. Don’t skip the details!

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