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Mace Training for Tennis Athletes

What if you told you that learning to RESIST rotation could be the key to unlocking the missing power in your tennis game? YOu might think I was crazy, until you put a mace in your hands for the first time and see what the hype is all about for yourself. The effort doesn’t translate well to video sometimes, because the effort comes from making something that is, at it’s core, a VERY difficult move, look graceful and damn near elegant.

In this video demonstration below, our resident Tennis badass Mrs. Fernanda B. demonstrates what i hesitate to call a basic mace 360 swing. She is using a staggering 20lbs, which is no small matter. You don’t have to watch for long before you can begin to see the obvious implications for any athlete with either a rotational component or an overhead swing component to their sport of choice (read: Tennis and Golf). If you want to see how easy it is for yourself, we invite you to come take a few swings for yourself. It’s a fantastic movement for overall shoulder health, but if you want to improve your serves or smash the ball like never before, you NEED to come check these out!


Thanks for the demo, Fernanda!


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