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The BEST movement to help you do a Pull Up!

☆Barbell Chinups☆

This movement has been crucial in getting my clients to a good looking pullup. This variation really hammers the lats and forces you to learn to drive the elbows back. It’s also great for athletes and clients who need to work on that last few inches of the pullup. This variation allows for a “chest to bar” repetition that will have carry over on full scale chinups.

Our athlete in this demonstration is also using a few chains, not only to add resistance, but to serve as a indicator that the hips are trying to engage to assist to position the body more horizontally in relation to the bar. Body rows are easier than chinups, and your body knows it! If she was to engage her glutes and lock her hips, the chains would slide out of the hip crease. Instant feedback on the proper form!

If you have struggled to get your first chinup, or you want a great way to increase the volume of chin and pullups in your routine, give this setup a try! This is NOT just a lat pulldown, I assure you!

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